About Us

Whitcombe is a brand that’s fresh in name only. Leveraging almost 15 years of recruitment experience across tech and Renewable Energy sectors, we are perfectly positioned and connected in the Australian market to provide leading recruitment services and market insight.

We believe the Australian energy market is just beginning its transition away from coal and other fossil fuels into a low carbon nation. We’re ready to tackle the staffing issues plaguing this emerging industry where good, proven talent is hard to find.



Don’t have an established recruitment team or Australian presence in your business? Want to cut your staffing costs? Whitcombe offers an in-house consulting service whereby we’ll work from your office (or ours) on a day rate. No success fee. Multiple job management. Managing several recruitment partners can be time consuming. Whitcombe removes the hassle.


If you need a candidate and want to secure our undivided attention, we offer an Exclusive Search for all seniority levels. Unlike our Executive Search service, this won’t require an up-front payment. We’ll give you our same premium service but without the same rigid time bounds. We’ll ask for a period of exclusivity to properly map the market to ensure that we get you the best available candidate at any given time.


Our contract search is the quickest and most efficient of the lot. We’ve developed a large network of contract workers throughout the Solar and Wind industries, many of whom are available at immediate notice. Whitcombe is able to provide payroll services to these contractors as required to take the stress out of hiring. Again we’ll give you a list of the best available candidates for you to choose from.

Our Team

Jack Ensor


Jack Ensor

Jack is the Founder and Lead Consultant at Whitcombe. For the past four years in London, he has recruited candidates around the world for some of the leading international Renewable Energy developers, financiers, EPC’s, operators and IPP’s. He works with board level decision makers to understand their business needs and to ensure they get the correct people in the correct places to thrive.

Jack believes there’s a real opportunity to change the way the staffing industry operates and has ambitious goals in a blossoming Australasian Renewable Energy recruitment market.


University of Otago
BSc, Geology & Environmental Science 2009

Haskoli Islands
BSc, Geology & Environmental Science, 2011

Tyler Priest


Tyler Priest

Tyler is a Consultant at Whitcombe. For the past eight years in Singapore, Melbourne and San Francisco, he has worked with tech start ups fuelling business growth with his extensive experience in project management, growth marketing and organisational development.

He now works with the some of the best Renewable Energy players in Australia. Empowering companies and people by finding the perfect fit;

Tyler is working on saving the planet for his nephews and nieces by connecting energy contractors to roles in the Renewable Energy space.


University of Canterbury
Bcomm, International Entrepreneurship 2008


Aajay Cunningham

As a Partner at nDeva Recruitment, Aajay is immersed in Melbourne’s innovative tech scene, assisting in creating some of Melbourne’s top technology teams. Aajay plays a key role in helping businesses reach their full potential and shaping the future careers of some of Melbourne’s finest developers is a rewarding space to be working in.


Michael Cunningham

Mike is a 30-year-old Kiwi who lives, works and loves Melbourne. He is one of the Co Founders of nDeva Recruitment where he assists in creating Melbourne’s top start-up technology teams. Mike connects top talent in the development, digital and blockchain space with high performing teams.